Supported Models (Router)

Models that can be specified for routing

The Martian Model Router lets you route between many different models. If you wish to route between a specific subset of models, you can specify those models in a list in the model parameter of your request. This page lists the models that can be specified in that field. When using the gateway functionality to run a specific model, see Supported Models (Gateway) for a list of models that can be called. When no model is specified, the model router may route to a larger list of models than those specified on this page or in Supported Models (Gateway).


  • gpt-4

  • gpt-4-32k

  • gpt-4-turbo-128k

  • gpt-3.5-turbo

  • gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct (Completion)


  • claude-instant-v1

  • claude-v1

  • claude-v2

Open Source

  • llama-2-70b-chat

  • llama-2-70b (Completion)

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